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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  October 6, 2015 7:30pm-8:01pm PDT

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tonight's top story, the heartthrob andhollywood's hottest mom. >> i'm 23, single, loving life. >> how is kate? >> everybody is asking nick about kate. there were romance rumors before they were spotted togethe disney world last month. the 23-year-old ignored the past though. here's how the press brough up. >> you got used to, okay, what are they going to write about me today? >> yeah. i try not to read it. i think you have to live in your art. >> the singer told "e.t." canada he has come to accept the media speculation about his love life. >> i do live a public life. and for whatever reason, people are interested in that. i my life is not that interesting. >> well, we disagree. and we have a super create af proech to the kate question. hudson received an oscar nomination for her role in "almost famous." >> how coo was it having her at your concert in florida? >> you know, when it comes to that stuff, i try keep that as
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quiet as possible. the past is fine. we talk about all day long. >> i didn't ask you anything. i just said her as your groupie. come on. >> it's a loaded question. it's a loaded question. but, yeah. i mean, all my fans are great. and having them there is great. >> next, ryan murfactor. >> you danced your ware into the fire. >> kate played a dance teacher on "murphy's glee," her brother oliver and nick star in scream queen which murphy also produced. >> did oliver hudson introduce you to kate hudson? >> i'm not going to answer no more questions about that. that's to respect her privacy and mine. i'm here to talk about "ji ball." >> all right. no problem. ♪ >> jonas hit the stage in new york for the jingle ball kickoff. ♪ he's got a new solo album out next year. >> the new song "don't make me choo the love fans are
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wondering if ol the inspiration behind it. >> yeah. i mean, she's -- she has been and was a big part of my life for a long time. >> but not anymor olivia is reportedly dating football star tim tooeb yoe we hear they have been going out for about a month. he likes the studs. >> that's an eligible bachelor right. thelet's bring in came last night the theme was the most mem morable year. it is always a m night. >> you have to make sure you have your tissues really close by. there's a lot of emotion. now bindi chose the 2006 when her father crocodile hunter steve irwin died tragically. i spoke to her moments after she left the stage in tears. >> this is for my dad. ♪ every breath you take >> on what level was this dance experience therapeutic for you and move own a sa good-bye? >> there's always been a place
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inside of me that i never really shared with anybody. >> it took a really long time to understand what actually happened. for the rest of mylife. >> tonight meant so much to me be was able to express that part of me and just let the light in and pour all of that >> the touching tribute to her father earned bindi the first 10 of the competition and the night's top sco but right behind her -- nick carter made back street dreams come true with full on show complete with classic moves and he ga an all star boy band reunion. fellow back streeter a.j. mcclean and jopatone represented. who's in the front row cheering you on? >> the napeople that have gone through the same things you have. the other band boy members. >> the other bigheadline. >> i'm pregnant. >> hey! >> dancing pro alice sonholker
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had her family on hand for their announcement. and there was a family emergency for host. tweeted a flash back picture with a messa rushed to his father's bedside. alfonzo took over. >> it's an horror to have that ability to come n but our hearts are truly with tom and his dad and family. >> and leave it to paula deen to liten the mood. breaking out comfort sweets for everyone. >> one. >> not just one. >> i'll take those for the road. >> paula deen just stuffing those cookies in my mouth. thank you very much for those, paula. and the ones you stuffed into my pocket and my bag and by the way just for the record, they were fat free, okay? >> i can't believe you didn't us any! >> thank you. meanwhile, nancy, startling revelatio apparent suicide of the woman that jim carrey was dating. so much of focus has been on their relationship. but now we're learn that katherine was legally to someone else. katarina was separated from her
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husband mark burton, a source tells "e.t." she was planni on filing for divorce in december at the time she allegedly took her ownlife. yesterday the coroner released cat's body to burton and a report claims the family will take her to her native ireland for a funeral. "e.t." confirmed prescription pills found near her body w not prescribed to her. three of the four pill bottles were under one of jim carrey's aliases. a source says jim was not aware kat obtained any of his prescriptions. turning now to bobby kristina news. will nick gordon face murder charges? a new report claim the georgia district attorney has convened a secret grand jury to look charging gordon with the murder of whitney houston's daughter n light of the investigation, gordon's attorney is going to file a suit by conservator alleging that nick cave the 22-year-old a toxic cocktail
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that led to her death. another legal headline. will bill cod sby be forced to testify civil lawsuit is going to be filed today alleging the comedy icon spiked her drink at a "playboy" mansion party and then launched a sexual atta attack. she was just 18 at the time. the civil suit is expected to name 40 accusers. "date line" will interview of the 27 alleged victims together. >> was bill cosby. we'll keep talking until somebody listens. >> cosby has yet to be charged with any crime. >> i think it's fair to say t we just want some resolution that now it's time for action. >> forsure. let's switch gears now. faith based movies are hot right now. a new one is on the w it is called wood lawn and has the power of mark burnett an roma downey behind it. but the talk at the hollywood premier is who sherry shepard
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brought as her date. >> i brought my date. he is on th car michael show on nbc. so he's here much he's younger than me. i'm a cougar cub. >> so does sherry have a n man? we did a little digging around. it turns out he is a comedian from the instagram host, t friends and have worked together in the past. it looks as if mark called in a big favor to stop the rain ruining the premier. >> there is no way we're going to allow the rain to rain on my wife's dress. >> and i'm i have irish hair. and a hint of rain and turn into a human chiapet. >> he is homegrown. >> starring shawnaston, jon voight and a newcomer woodlawn tells the true story of a high school football player at one of the last schools to be segreg e segregated in the . >> i play for a team that doesn't want me. does anybody like me? >> do you know the diff between you and these people? they're cowards.
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you ain't. >> this is his first football movie since "rudy." ha it has a feeling l"rudy." the story of faith in this movie is important us to. >> people are hungry f hope. hope never goes out of fashion. >> so and such good messages. >> we have a p at tonight's "ncis," plus, the virnlg sgin ar special guest star britney spears. >> you told me that at the emmys. >> i dshgs didn't my name is jamir dixon and i'm a locate and mark fieldman
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>> you shall refer to me as lord anthony. >> you're with me, lord. >> where are we off to? >> quant he could. >> you keep talking with that acce accent, i'm going shoot you. >> he gets a little carried away
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on tonight's "ncis." meanwhile, here is a big news on jane, britney spears is going to guest star on an upcoming episode and we met with rodriguez. >> miss britney spears. >> i'm so excited. she's such a fan of the show. she has so much love. excited. >> i know you're excited and this is a musical number. >> they told that >> you told me that at the emmys. >> i did, didn'tit? >> yes. >> you're going to get a moment. you're going to be so happy and jealous. >> are you dancing? you may be singing with britney spears. >> i think i've seen every single one of the videos 72 times over the past three days. i'm learning everything. >> brittany playing herself isn't the only big guest star. enter magic mike's adam
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rodriguez. he heads with jane and maybe something more. >> that's what i'm talking b jane may need a third love interest. >> i mean -- >> do you think he could possibly sneak in -- >> i don't see why not. >> the truth, is i'm in love with -- >> yep. this season gina has to choose between baby daddy and her ex-fiance. two hotties, one big jane might be getting married. >> if it is jane and she does finally have that wedding night, do you think they woul ever change the name of the show? >> oh, yeah. for sure. i think jane, it would be "jane the virgin." this is going to be outrageous, y'all. it doesn't get any better than that. brittany's episode airs on the 26th. gaga almost took flight even before getting to herairplane. plus, riri bears all in "vanity fair" plus why she reunited w chris brown. >> she was very candid.
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>> and we have seen matthew mcconaughey's new transformation, are hollywood's drastic weight gains unsafe? >> extra kit cat bar. >> donut after donut. >> that's ahead. closed captioning provided by --
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>> gaga will a turbulent trip from the moment she arrived at lax. careful there, lady gaga. look at the bottom the shot. she was tripped by paparazzi trying to sneak by. we call that gaga diss. meanwhile, rihanna is opening bup her relationship with chris brown and why she went back to the singer after he abused her. it's a very revealing conversation in the pages of "vanity fair" and a ve different side of the beauty. ♪ better have my money >> she's a lot more grounded and focused than ever. more of a good girl than anyone would expect. >> the images are typical riri, laying naked on a bed, sprawled
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out and sexy in a gold dress. but the singer says that's all bizarre, just an image. >> she was very candid about being quite aware of her bad girl club hoppin reputation. if she were to be sleeping with everybody she was supposed to be sleeping with, she would never have time to do work. >> latest rumor is rihanna's hooking up with rapper travis scott. that one started about four weeks ago. but over the summer, rihanna claims she's taking a break from dating and she had up sex. >> i said why don't you have sex for fun? and she said, i would feel that was an empty, hollow move. some guy would have a great story and i wake up feeling bad. she says that's not who i am. >> i think problem when you're that famous is you never know what people's motivations are. are they with me because they want my m fame? i mean everybody has too many drinks and made out with somebody they shoul have. that's one of the fin thing becomes a humanbeing. but i think --
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>> we all remember that one, right? >> rihanna's statement about her ex-boyfriend chris brown are also making headlines today. she revealed that after the 2009 beating, she stayed with chris because she thought she could change him saying, "i very protective of him. i felt e people didn't understand him even after. i don't hate him. i will care about him until day i die." rihanna looked back at that time an tragic photo of her battered and bruised. >> i just asked how did that picture wind up? she said a very nasty woman that got a big check. and she said that, shocks you? a check trumps everything. >> let's talk about the good people do and rihanna is building a world class cancer center in barbados which is really cool. >> using her celebrity for good. i love yesterday we showed you matthew mcconaughey's surprising new look, bald and pudgey. and that got us thinking about all the stars we've talked to who have drastically changed their bodies for role.
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is it safe? tonight's big picture, hollywoodyo-yo diet transformation. >> he is big in this new p from the set of "gold." that stocky frame is all matthew and not a fat but that head is a baldcap. the movie company says the bald cap being shaved? of course, he yo-yo'd before, he won the oscar for buyer's club" where he dropped to 135 pounds. and then had to put it back on. >> think the weight gain is kind of the more dangerous territory. more dangerous than weight loss. >> so what are the health risks? a doctor says beware before bulking >> when you're putting on all that fat weight, especially around your that biochemically active and puts you at a lot of risk of things. the big sest increased heart rate and blood pressure. matt damon is ripped for the
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new "borne" ovie. >> i don't know how much weight i put on, maybe 30 pounds. bu was awful. by the end i was ready to, you know, it was getting to me. >> christian bail became skeletal for a movie. >> in general that, rapid weight loss, can you get malnutrition. certainly if you're not getting enough pr even puts you at risk for gal stones which certainly an that has those knows it's no fun. >> he then muscled up for "batmanbegins" and packed on "40 pounds" for "american hustle." >> i donuts and sat on my ass. and i got where i felt right for the part. >> chris hendrick called on a nutritionist to become thor and he helped this pudgey star a diet. >> there is so much riding on their performance and their appearance. like chris kraft, he lost 60
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pounds a looked incredible in "guardian of the galaxy." >> there's a of crying. a lot of running when you're eating. it feels likecrap. like you're eating dried chicken and broccoli. >> charlize theron put on 30 pounds for the monster and renee zellweger won for bridget jones' diary. >> i h couple good excuses to throw-in extra kit cat bars. >> hard to tell if renee is hitting the kit-kat bars for the third film. here she is in london shooting. maybe there are extra pounds. i wish i had to eat kit-kat bars. >> i'm not xpenting on. that. >> g. >> tomorrow this is going to be amazing. i think we know that the real housewife teresa remains in jail ser out her sentence. only we're at home with her husband joe and daughter. >> i louf. >> it's been rough. >> an "e.t." exclusive. inside their jersey mansion. the housewife in federal prison
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for tax fraud. >> she tries to make us feel like she's okay but she's really not. >> why joe blames the show. >> i've never done anything wrong. i never killed nobody. >> tomorrow on >> do not miss. that all right, now in our "entertainment tonight birthdays" which back t future star earned a teaching certificate in between movies, michael j. fox, elizabeth sh or elizabeth thompson? >> we'll give you time to think about it. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. and tonight's "e.t." birthdays, which back to the future star earned a teaching certificate in between movies? that is elizabeth shue. she turns 52 today: >> make sure you join us for another big exclusive with the judds. we're the only ones with them in rehearsal and now we were with them as they hit the stage in las vegas. >> here's a peek, everybody. bye-bye. >> the judds are back. on stage, backstage, in the dressin "e.t." is everywhere for wynona an naomi's big reunion. that's tomorrow.
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